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At RAP Credit we do not just look to help you regain your financial standing through credit repair. Our goal is to help you change your life by helping you to change your credit score and financial habits. We are confident in our proven systems, and we assure you of our dedication to helping you raise your credit score to get you approved for low-interest financing. As one of the leading credit repair companies NJ, we will leverage our experience, insights, and capabilities to give you the best outcomes. We will only part ways once you have successfully regained your full financial health and embraced the best financial habits. We have Credit Specialist specializing in both Personal and Business Credit so be sure to book a consultation today, so we can help you Boss Up and Get Your Credit Score UP!
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Credit Boss Credit Restoration Program 6-12 Month program

$249 Audit & Processing Fee $99 Monthly
  • Up to 5 disputes monthly (Not including Bankruptcy or Student Loans)
  • Access to Client Portal
  • Creditor Referrals

Credit Boss VIP
6-month pogram

$249 Audit & Processing Fee $199 Monthly
  • Up to 10 Monthly Disputes:( Not including Bankruptcy or Student Loans)
  • Access to Client Portal
  • Rebuilding Coaching and Creditor Referrals
  • Customized Monthly Updates

3-month program

$1500 Flat rate or $499 Audit and processing Fee $249 Monthly
  • Full Legal Credit sweep of all Negative Items
  • Unlimited Disputes (Not including Bankruptcy or Student Loans)
  • Access to Client Portal
  • Rebuilding Coaching and Creditor Referrals
  • Customized Monthly Updates

6-month program

$2997 **Monthly payment options available
  • Unlimited Credit Disputes (Includes Bankruptcy and Student Loans
  • Business Credit Building Coaching
  • Access to Business Credit Lenders
  • Rebuilding coaching and Creditor Referrals
  • Access to Client Portal
  • Customized Monthly Updates
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Personal Credit restoration

Our Credit Boss Credit Restoration Program operates in a two-part process. Part one: The disputing of negatively effecting erroneous accounts reporting on your credit profile for removal. Part two: The rebuilding process. Where we help you to rebuild your credit profile by ensuring you are receiving the maximum amount of points allowed in all five categories of your credit report. Here is where we guide you on how to effectively use your credit to gain more credit in which is how your credit profile is built. Our personal Credit restoration programs are customized to each individual’s credit goals, and we offer different levels of services to match our clients needs and budget.

business credit building

In our Business Credit Building Program, we help new businesses and established business to establish business credit to be able to separate their personal credit from their business credit to obtain credit solely using their business name. A lot of business owners don’t even know that this is possible and what makes it even better is that you don’t need to have good personal credit to establish credit on your business to obtain funding. Now business credit is nothing like your personal credit and it actually doesn’t’ consider anything but your payment history which makes it a little easier to build and maintain. There are strategic steps to follow when building business credit which includes going through all 4 of the Business Credit Tiers. These steps are Required in order to establish business credit separated from your personal credit and if followed properly you will not be required to personal guarantee your business credit lines or loans.
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Homebuyer Readiness Program 6-month program $997

  • “Property over Purses” Workbook
  • Credit Analysis
  • Credit Consultation
  • 3-month Credit restoration/ credit building services
  • Debt to Income Calculation
  • Lender Recommendation
  • Budgeting for Reserves & Closing costs
  • Realtor Recommendation (If needed)
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credit education seminars

RAP Financial Services is dedicated to educating the masses on what it takes to Rise Above Poverty! We offer Financial Literacy, budgeting, and Credit Education classes for both Youth and Adults. We understand that our financial health determines our financial wealth and we found most drop the ball in the Finance area because of simply not being taught. We bring a full array of Financial Tools and resources to guide you to a better Financial Future. Book a workshop today and let’s work together to Rise Above Poverty!

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